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Growth Strategy

NORTH EAST-headquartered eQuality Solutions (eQS) is embarking on a major growth strategy, having completed a management buy-out (MBO) of the business led by CEO Andy Gough.

Teams with high levels of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) outperform their peers by 80% and diverse organisations are 45% more likely to improve their market share. Whether you are new to DEI or an avid DEI activist it can be beneficial to your role to receive support, guidance and discussions about the latest industry challenges and best practice from like-minded professionals.

This is why DEI consultants, EW Group and Challenge (part of the eQS group of companies), have recently launched The Inclusion Connection, a new online professional network for diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and wellbeing professionals. The Inclusion Connection provides a place for DEI professionals to learn, network and drive change.
On Tuesday 20th September, 11am – 12pm, The Inclusion Connection will be hosting a live, online debate event on the future of DEI. To access this community networking event you must be signed up to The Inclusion Connection.

The virtual community event will be hosted by Diversity and Inclusion Specialist and Consultant, Tash Thomas, and Client Solutions Director at EW Group and Challenge Consultancy, Sush Bastola. During the event you will have the opportunity to network, discuss and debate the future of DEI.

The Inclusion Connection. A space for diversity professionals to learn, network and drive change. Brought to you by EW Group and Challenge Consultancy.

The Inclusion Connection already has nearly 200 users from countries across the globe including the UK, America, Australia, China and Greece. Users cover a range of job roles from company DEI Leads, DEI Consultants to Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals. Users have been discussing topics such as how HR can remove unconscious bias towards disabled employees and recommendations for menopause to become a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Industry specific events that have recently been shared within The Inclusion Connection include the Westminster Employment Forum on next steps for ethnic minority equality, inclusion and progression in the workplace.

You can join the DEI conversations within The Inclusion Connection by clicking the button below and signing up today.