EW Group has joined eQS

EW Group has shone as a leading light in the diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) market and quickly became the top choice for eQS’ next acquisition due to its outstanding reputation. Upon first meeting with EW Group, there was clear synergy with eQS in terms of culture, values and passion for doing good; we knew we would work well together.

We see the integration of EW Group at eQS as a significant step forward, central to our future growth plans to build an impactful and purposeful business in the DEI sector – we are now on this journey together.

What is EW Group?

EW Group is a diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy. Established 29 years ago, EW Group provides consultancy and training services to a range of public, private and not-for-profit organisations, helping them to build fair and inclusive working cultures, and tackle discrimination in the workplace including racism and sexism.

It has a team of over 60 people working with more than 1,500 organisations across 25 countries, including The Economist Group, the BBC, Dyson, adidas, Arsenal Football Club, URBN and The White Company.

EW Group’s senior management team, including Managing Director Rachael Wilson and Operations Director Anna Arbuthnot, are continuing in their existing roles and founder Jane Farrell will also continue to provide support in scaling and integrating EW Group within the wider group.

Visit theewgroup.com for more information.

EW Group Senior Management Team (l-r Anna Arbuthnot, Dianne Ceresa, Rachael Wilson, Eve Mason, Sush Bastola)
Members of eQS Leadership Team (l-r Andy Gough, Jane Farrell and Michael Hall)

Working together

EW Group has developed an ambitious growth strategy and with access to the eQS infrastructure, together we can launch new digital products, invest in staff development and expand our service offering.

In addition, eQS is delighted that EW Group founder, Jane Farrell will be leading a full DEI programme working with eQS over the next six months, to ensure we are operating with high levels of diversity and inclusivity at all levels, across the whole group.

eQS’ DEI programme will include an in-depth diversity, equity and inclusion audit and analysis across all areas of business from recruitment, management, communications, training and more.

This will develop a fully integrated, long-term strategy with training and action plans to ensure that as eQS continues to grow, we do so with a robust framework for supporting DEI in place.

Our future

eQS will continue on its growth trajectory with an expansion of products and services for its portfolio of equality focused companies. Find out more about our growth strategy here, which includes an ambitious ‘buy and build’ approach with further mergers and acquisitions planned. Find out about our growth strategy here.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question about this acquisition announcement, or if you can picture your company joining eQS, email us at partnerships@e-q-s.com and a member of our team will contact you.

Get in touch with EW Group

If you are interested in accessing EDI consultancy and training services with EW Group, please head to their website, fill in the contact form and a member of the team will be in touch asap.