Amano has joined eQuality Solutions.

Amano, based in the South West of England, has always stood out as a company with a stellar reputation in the DSA sector, not only for offering high quality student services, but also for having genuine care for the students supported, which is reflective of how we work at eQS. The undeniable synergy between our companies made this feel like a natural fit.

We see the integration of Amano at eQS as a significant step forward, key to our future growth plans to build an impactful and purposeful organisation.

The combined organisations will not only serve as a resilient, reliable and agile provider in the DSA sector, but also create an end-to-end solution provider of specialist student services. eQS now offers AT equipment through Invate, AT training through e-Quality Learning, e-learning through Learning Labs and non-medical help through Amano.

Nationwide Specialist Student Support

We plan to expand Amano’s service offering across the UK with immediate effect, therefore any Needs Assessors who currently recommend Amano for non-medical help can continue to do so, and any who has not recommended Amano before, can now do so throughout the UK.

You will notice Amano has had a brand refresh in line with the eQS family branding, which has been carefully crafted to also reflect the high quality, professional and flexible services Amano has provided to date. Amano’s team of dedicated staff and expert consultants will continue to work as they always have done, and all processes and services will operate as they always have.  

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