Growth Strategy

Our purpose is to unlock true potential and improve outcomes for both individuals and organisations by removing barriers to learning in education, employment and life.

We are on a mission to be recognised as the no.1 UK provider of cognitive disability, diversity, inclusivity and mental wellbeing solutions, as well as an employer of choice, all by 2023. Below we’ve outlined our four strategic anchors that form the foundations of our planned growth. 

People & Culture

Our Group is made up of a talented team of individuals. We empower our staff to work fearlessly, driving innovation that has a positive lasting impact. We are passionate about contributing to a truly inclusive culture, both internally with our staff, and externally with our customers. Our values were formed organically, reflecting the unique culture of the eQS Group. We are proud of the people we work with, the solutions we create and the lasting legacy we are able to create through positively impacting our customer’s lives.

Data-Driven Solutions

It’s embedded in the eQS values and culture to always look at the data, listen to the feedback, debate the issues and think outside the box. This approach to problem solving ensures we always deliver ingenious data-driven solutions. We practice continuous improvement by taking daily measurements and reporting on everything from the smallest details to the biggest visionary plans. 

We feel it’s fitting to call our solutions ingenious because we work hard to ensure they are smart, innovative, honest and data-driven. 

We are specialists in evidenced-based solutions underpinned by technology for supporting cognitive disability, diversity, inclusivity and mental wellbeing.

Organic Growth

One of our founders, Chris Quickfall, once said: “I want to build a good business that does good.” Following this simple motto has seen us through the last 15 years of organic growth, because, creating a positive social legacy is only achievable with astute financial performance. 

Taking care of the bottom line means we are able to make confident decisions and move with agility, all whilst ensuring job security for our employees. 

The eQS Group continues to achieve year on year double digit growth, simply through more and more customers trusting our brands to deliver the highest quality technology and services, and us not letting them down. 

A good business that does good.

Invate, e-Quality Learning and Learning Labs founder, Chris Quickfall

Mergers & Acquisitions

You can read all about our most recent acquisition of EW Group here and our first acquisition of Amano here .

eQS is currently pursuing acquisition opportunities of quality brands in disability, inclusion, equality and mental wellness services, as part of a focused growth strategy. See below for further information on this.

Can you picture your company in the eQS Group?

If you are attracted to the eQS Group’s growth strategy, you share our values and can see your company joining our growing portfolio, we want to hear from you.

We are keen to speak to business owners for an informal and private discussion about the future of your business to understand whether that aligns with ours.

Email us at to register your interest and a member of our team will contact you.